Valmont Bike Park

Boulder, CO


  • Aided in defining park goals and conceptual site plan
  • Scoped management plan requirements and stakeholders


  • City of Boulder Parks and Recreation
  • Boulder Mountain Bike Alliance
  • Boulder Racing
  • P.L.A.Y Boulder


  • 2008,2010

Wissahickon Park Sustainable Trails Initiative

Philadelphia, PA


  • Improve trail sustainability and user interactions, reduce invasive species, increase water quality, develop and test new techniques for non-rerouteable flat/exceeding grade trail, and grow a skilled volunteer base.


  • Fairmont Parks Commission
  • Friends of Wissahickon
  • Philadelphia Mountain Bike Association
  • Wissahickon Restoration Volunteers
  • IMBA


  • 2008

Hiel Valley Ranch [Pro Bono Design Consulting]

Boulder County Parks and Open Space, Boulder, CO

  • Picture Rock Trail (2008)
  • Wild Turkey Trail (2007)
  • Tungsten & Kinnickinnick Trails at Mud Lake (2006)

Southern Grasslands Trail Study Area [Pro Bono Design Consulting]

City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks, Boulder, CO

  • Spring Brook Loop Trail (2007)
  • Dowdy Draw Trail Reroute (2007)
  • High Plains Trail (2006)
  • Marshall Valley Trail (2005)
  • Coal Seam Trail (2005)
  • Cowdrey Draw Trail (2004)