Uhwarrie Mountains

Albemarle and Troy, NC

Avoiding dense archeological resources, Scott Gordon teamed with IMBA Trail Solutions staff to redesign the Wood Run system’s 14 miles of mostly user-created routes into low-maintenance, sustainable, trails. The resulting system included 4 miles of new singletrack and several sections of road-to-trail conversion purpose-built for mountain biking, to compliment hiker-only trails catering to foot traffic.

Beyond grant funding, the project required additional support from the local community where few were accustomed to outdoor pursuits other than hunting. To help build relevance and local stewardship, Scott designed and built a gateway trail at City Lake Park with the City of Albemarle. The gateway trail has been so successful that the City has begun retrofitting its existing trail inventory with similar design and techniques.

Key Topics

  • Rolling Contour Trail
  • Cultural Resources
  • Trail System Plan
  • Road to Trail Conversion


  • 2008


  • City of Albemarle, NC
  • Uhwarrie National Forest/li>
  • SORBA-Uhwarrie


  • Terry Savery, Uhwarrie National Forest, tsavery@fs.fed.us