Vagabond Ranch Trails Plan + Design

Guest Ranch in Grand County, CO

Vagabond Ranch recognizes trails as a key amenity for its guests. The 108-acre property is surrounded by US Forest Service land and stunning views. The planned trail system features 4.5 miles of trail on-property and connects to existing USFS routes. Each trail offers distinct character taking its cues from both the natural landscape and its historical land uses.

The curvilinear contour trail undulates and meanders with the topography. Frequent grade reversals manage water while natural boulders and trees add interest and form gateways.

Construction will follow a hybrid model using both professional mechanized and volunteer hand built efforts.

Key Topics

  • Rolling Contour Trail
  • Variety of Trail Character
  • Trail System Plan


  • Conceptual Plan and Trail Design completed June 2012
  • Pilot construction and volunteer training September 2012


  • Josh Weinstein, Owner Vagabond Ranch Huts,