Winiger Ridge Trails Plan + Design

Gross Reservoir, CO

The newly designated camp area abutting Gross Reservoir was quickly becoming a trampled web of social trails as visitors sought routes from the parking area to each campsite. The design challenge was to think like the trail user, yet build sustainable trail. And the user is a camper with a heavy cooler who the most direct route straight downhill from the car to camp.

Trails were designed to feel efficient. Existing shortcuts got landscaped with local transplants, boulders, and down trees to discourage use and obscure sightlines. Drainage was achieved by finding micro topography, creating subtle grade reversals, and building timber steps.

ContourLogic provided training and construction oversight to a mostly volunteer trail construction and road obliteration effort completed in two days

Key Topics

  • Manage social use
  • Enhanced grade reversals
  • Trailhead and Camping
  • Road Obliteration


  • Completed September 2012


  • US Forest Service, Denver Water, Wildlands Restoration Volunteers
  • Denver Water
  • Wildlands Restoration Volunteers


  • Ed Self, Director of Wildlands Restoration Volunteers,
  • Ed Perault, USFS Boulder Ranger District Recreation Manager,